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Should the NFC East Be Taken Out and Shot?

Written by Mike Rickard II

Should the players and coaching staff of the teams in the NFC East be taken out and shot? That’s a question fans have to be asking now that their teams are heading into week eight of the season with records that look like something from past seasons of the Cleveland Browns.

The NFC East, once home to football’s best, a division that almost always could be counted on to go to and/or win a SuperBowl. Now, the NFC East has become so bad that even the sorriest of NFL franchises know they have an even chance of emerging victorious.

At least Native Americans will no longer have to deal with an offensively named team playing offensively bad football.

Sure, if you grew up getting sick of hearing these teams’ fans boasting of their teams’ many SuperBowl wins, this may be the schadenfreude you’ve been waiting decades for (especially if you happen to be a Bills fan, who suffered SuperBowl losses to every team here but the Eagles). Nevertheless, there’s something sad about seeing a once-mighty division reduced to a laughingstock.

I can’t stand team owners like Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder (and I don’t feel sorry for either one of those clowns), but I do feel a bit sorry for the team’s fans. Certain NFL teams have seen their lowly franchises beat up on a regular basis that they’re used to it, but fans of teams such as the Cowboys, the Washington team, and even the Giants expect better (and after their inspiring SuperBowl win from 2017, even Eagles fans expect more).

As someone who is torn on the concept of capital punishment (as an ex-con and former attorney I’m well aware that there are far too many innocent men and women in prison, which makes the thought of frying someone accidentally more than disturbing), I have no problem with the summary execution of these franchises’ players and staff. Lord knows fans think about it every time their team loses and with losing records like those the NFC East’s teams are experiencing, it’s time we did more than think about it. Please let me know what you think in our comments section.

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