If you haven’t already geared up for this NFL off-season then you better gear tf up already because it’s gonna be one hell of a ride. One of my biggest concerns is what will the WR core look like for next season with Kenny Golladay, Marvin Jones, & Danny Amendola all currently up for free agency? Who knows how the Lions will handle the Golladay situation. I’d obviously love to have him back, but after taking on Jared Goff’s contract we only have so much money to spend and Romeo Okwara, who is also up for FA, would be a smarter asset to spend that dough on and I don’t think we can afford both of them. Marvin Jones is most likely going elsewhere, which leaves Danny who was our primary slot WR the past two years. The slot WR is a crucial position in the offense, especially with Goff coming in who’s favorite target in LA was Cooper Kupp. I’m not against re-signing ‘Dola for a very cheap 1 or 2 year deal, he’s had back-to-back 600+ yard seasons for the Lions and seems like he could have a great relationship with Goff. But he is 35 years old and you pretty much already know his ceiling which isn’t that high at this point of his career. Also, knowing he probably only has a couple seasons left in the tank, he would probably rather play with a contender and not be apart of a massive rebuild.

So if we don’t re-sign ‘Dola then who do we fill that slot position with? Obviously we should draft a guy, but if it’s not one of the top slot prospects a la Jaylen Waddle, Rondale Moore, or Tutu Atwell who can contribute immediately, then we’ll need to sign a veteran to hold the ground until a younger guy is ready to step up. This is where John Ross III comes in.

Ross can line up anywhere on the field, but where he excels the most is in the slot. Just imagine him motioning around and Goff dumping it off to him wherever. He would bring back the explosiveness that the Lions have been lacking in the WR room since Golden Tate. I really feel like Ross can imitate the career that Tate had in Detroit, as they’re very similar players. Ross is even a better athlete, as he holds the record for the fasted 40 time at the NFL Combine with a 4.22. It’s unlikely that the Bengals will resign Ross, as he requested a trade this past October. He’s had an injury history which has held him back, but that might help Detroit be able to get him a cheaper short contract or a so called ‘prove it deal’. There’s a great chance that contenders like the Rams or Niners will drool over him with their offenses and snatch him, but if Lions are interested I think it’d be a great low-risk/high reward move.


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