Should Kyrie Irving get traded to the Dallas Mavericks?

Written by Noah Gagnon

As we all know, Kyrie Irving has been missing for the Nets all season because he refuses to receive the COVID vaccine. This has many fans speculating on whether or not Brooklyn is going to look to trade Kyrie, and if they do, I think Dallas is the perfect destination.

Well, at least this trade is perfect for the Mavs. They’d get a legitimate star to pair alongside Luka Doncic, and they’d know that Kyrie would 100% be able to play in home games because of Texas’ lax vaccination requirements. Luka and Kyrie, imagine that! Two guys who are basically polar opposite in personality, and in style of play, but I still think it would be awesome to watch. And, is it weird of me to think they’d definitely become best friends?

But if you’re Brooklyn, why would you do this? Besides Luka (who definitely isn’t getting traded, there’s absolutely nobody on this Mavs roster who could be worthy of being traded for Kyrie. It would have to be Porzingis (who Brooklyn would be insane to take), a few role guys, and literally 50 years of picks for the Nets to agree. The only way I see it legitimately happening is if some sort of third team is involved, and even still I find it to be extremely unlikely.

But, as a Nets fan, I really don’t wanna see the guy traded. I don’t know what it is about the guy, but I just love him, even when he’s not playing. Like, remember when he grew out an afro last year? It was so cute! You’re telling me you want that guy traded? Get out of here. If it’s up to me he’s a net for life.

And, call me ignorant, but I really think he’s gonna play this year. I have no evidence to back this up, but I just have a gut feeling this mandate is gonna get dropped eventually. Are unvaccinated people just never going to be allowed back inside of New York City buildings again? Seems a bit extensive to me. Kyrie will be back by the all-star break, and he’ll have his best season yet.

Sidenote: There seams to be a weird inconsistency with these vaccine mandates in NYC. Kyrie Irving, who’s the starting point guard for the Brooklyn Nets can’t be let inside the Barclays Center, but Dana White and Joe Rogan (who are both unvaccinated) can get into MSG for the UFC? Someone explain, please. Love you, Kyrie!

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