Should Deshaun Watson Ever Be Allowed To Play In The NFL Again?

Written by BadBoiCiCi


Deshaun Watson is many things. Horny is one of them. Whether or not he’ll ever face any real consequences for his actions, is up in the air. An NFL suspension isn’t really a punishment when you consider he’s only losing around 300,000 dollars. 

I personally think he’s a bad dude. No self control. Obviously all of this is still alleged, but he did some of this stuff. This guy is somewhat of a predator. If you fall under the camp of “he was acquitted, innocent until proven guilty”, then let your girlfriend go hang out with him, you 17 year old dweeb. Whether he did anything illegal or not, he simply doesn’t respect the boundaries of women and that’s not up for debate. 

Curious as to when the season starts, if anyone will want his jersey at the end of the game. Or how many guys will hug him after games. You give this guy an inch and he’ll take a mile. If I was his center, I’d be asking Stefanski if we could stay in a shotgun oriented offense.

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