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Should Bill Belichick Retire Because He Is Too Old and Senile?

Written by schultzyca

Patriot fans are really the worst they have had 20 years of DOMINANCE and if there is ever a slight inconvenience they turn on a man that has transformed their franchise into a dynasty (Bill Belichick)

For all you moronic Patriot fans yes this title is click-bait you jerkoffs.

I cannot wait to hear you all complain tomorrow morning on WEEI crying and saying Bill Belichick has lost his touch and the Patriots are a ‘doomed’ franchise because I know so of you idiots will.

New England fans are the biggest babies in the world, Belichick is setting a great foundation and the Patriot way is still live and well.

Don’t let this early first round exit make you forget you have a guy that probably should be doing taxes for a living in Mac Jones looking like your next franchise QB.

I feel as though the Patriots are in the best position out of any team in the AFC East. Josh Allen is a moron and an overrated quarterback he will do something dumb next week and the Bills will be eliminated, simple math.

Patriot fans just need to expect the fact that they got their dicks kicked in and now its on to the offseason. Don’t forget Mac Jones ended the Pats LONG playoff drought. Jerkoffs.

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