Should anybody want to play the NFC East Winner???

Written by Angel

The NFC East or NFC least depending on who you ask should have been a two man race for first place this season but the race is now between the two teams least likely to have made a playoff push his season.

The Washington Football Team and The New York “football” Giants are now atop the standings with the Giants holding a .5 game edge over the team without a mascot. New York swept the season series which makes New York the favorite to win the Division.

The NFC East was the laughing stock as the entire division was deemed as “not worthy” for almost the entirety of the season. Don’t look now but whoever wins the east will not only host a playoff game but could be favored in their matchup.

Starting off strong in the NFL usually means the team has difficulties keeping atop the standings while there is usually a late push by some non-contending teams that leave some people wondering what could have happened if their team had a better start.

Fortunately for us in this odd year, we are about to get to witness a sub .500 team take it to a contender. If the playoffs were to end today, the New York Giants would host the team they beat this weekend.

Playing in New York as opposed to Seattle would definitely favor the Giants and I am not convinced that Seattle could easily win this game. A healthy Daniel Jones and home-field could lead to another upset loss.

If the Washington team were to win the Division, they too would likely host the Seahawks. The two teams and possible wild card weekend matchup is set for December 20th.

All eyes will be on Seattle as their underachieving defense, who were playing better, ran into a motivated team featuring a backup quarterback and lost. A similar result for Seattle would absolutely cast doubt on how elite that team has appeared to be.

Remember the beginning of this post where I talked bout teams starting off hot then losing steam? Seattle could be a team that is primed for a big letdown.

It was all fun and games making fun of the East this season. I just hope if your a fan of any team that made fun of this division doesn’t get matched up against this surging division winner in the playoffs.

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