Sometimes life can be pretty tough for people who are limited in height and personality. 

But this man at a Long Island bagel shop went on a huge rant about women who refused to date him — because he was short. 

In a video by Olivia Shea on Twitter and posted by Barstool Sports, a man starts off on a rant about women dating on Tinder, thinking they shun men who are shorter than they are in some bodies. 

Things have gotten so bad that the man had asked someone to ‘go ahead and attack me,’ in which some innocent bystander did. 

The two video clips in the Barstool Sports’ post tell the whole story. 

To be completely honest with you, I may have had issues with dating, but I never had myself going on a rant in a bagel shop and have had asked someone to fight me while waiting in line. 

And let’s be blunt, we’re all built differently in our unique way based on our personality, looks, and intelligence. 

But for those who want to have a great life without any problems, don’t learn from this guy and become an infamous viral fool in the meantime. 


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