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Shohei Ohtani Isn’t A Team Player And Doesn’t Even Take Batting Practice #ASG

Written by austenlange

Soooooo apparently Shohei Ohtani hasn’t taken batting practice this ENTIRE SEASON and still has 32 BOMBS. He is literally everything we were told that fat mythological creature Babe Ruth was supposed to be.

I just don’t think that anyone can fully grasp that this man hasn’t swung a bat before a game but has absolutely beat every pitcher he’s seen in submission. I just can’t even understand how great of an athlete this guy is. Ohtani is quite literally revolutionizing the MLB and we are all witness. It’s mind boggling to me that even with him being on a team with Mike Trout that he is still the most electric player on that squad. Ohtani is putting asses in the seats and picking them up each and every time he steps up to bat.

I cannot wait to see him demolish baseballs in the derby dude is a mother fucking unicorn and I just am grateful I get to sit back and witness his greatness.


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