The upcoming Season 7 episode for ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ is expected to be an interesting one.

In the last episode (Episode 13), Marty and Rick Lagina and their team had a few daunting tasks.

They discovered a swamp and confirmed that it was man-made, while recovering from the effects of Hurricane Dorian. Rick also took on a task of finding a large, 90-foot stone at a Rhododendron Bush/meadow at the Dartmouth Heritage Museum.

Gary Drayton discovered an ancient tunneling tool and Rick spent hours at the museum to find the stone. Rick wouldn’t find the 90-foot stone, but found another potential clue in an unidentified slab.

The team also firmly believes that they’re very close to the Money Pit, and they think clues in bottom of the swamp could help them reach the treasure on the island.

Although the team is far from the treasure, more evidence and clues continue to pile up, which makes the bridge from the last to the next episode more entertaining/interesting.

If you want to know what the next clues lead up to in Episode 14, tune in tomorrow night, February 18, at 9/8c on History Channel. You can also find and stream any of the recent Curse of Oak Island episodes from all seasons on the History Channel website.