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Shit-Faced for Shots: Can Free Beer Up Vaccinations?

As the demand for coronavirus vaccines continues diminishing, health care professionals are teaming up with local brewers to entice people to get their COVID-19 vaccinations. Such is the case in my hometown of Western New York where you can get your shots and get shit-faced (or at least get started) by getting a free brewski when you get your ‘rona shot. Our grand old rag The Buffalo News recently revealed:

The county’s new “Shot and Chaser” program is the latest sign of how the vaccine script has been flipped in a few short weeks, from not having enough vaccine to meet demand to now actively shopping the vaccine to breweries, schools and churches in an urgent effort to get more people vaccinated against the virus.

One dose, one beer sounds unfair.

That’s hardly the only case of health care officials trying to get more people vaccinated in order to achieve herd immunity. A recent New York Times article reported:

New Jersey is offering a “shot and a beer” for residents who get their first vaccine dose in May and visit participating breweries in the state. Detroit is giving out $50 prepaid cards to anyone who drives a resident to a vaccine site. And as an enticement for state employees to get the vaccine, Maryland is offering a $100 payment, Gov. Larry Hogan announced on Monday.

With the U.S. government rumored to be in the process of approving vaccines for teenagers, there’s no limit as to how successful these types of programs might be, especially if breweries turn a blind eye to underage drinking, much as some bars do. As scientists and politicians work to end the coronapocalypse, there’s no telling what lengths they’ll go to in order to compel people to get their ‘rona shots.

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