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Shatner in the 70s. Ten Years of Terrible Toupees

It’s time to continue my celebration of “90 Years of the Shat” as I look at the Shat’s toupees in the 1970s, a rough period for Mr. Shatner (and his hairpieces) as he fought hard to make ends meet, doing a number of guest spots on TV shows (as well as some interesting film roles in B-films such as The Devil’s Rain, Big Bad Momma, and Kingdom of the Spiders) as well as a surprising number of commercials.

Whether you’re a big fan of the Shat (such as myself) or a Shatner-scoffer, you have to be downright mesmerized by some of the toupees Mr. Shatner wore during the 1970s. Some people have compared them to Tribbles (those adorable creatures from the Star Trek episode “The Trouble with Tribbles”) while others have wondered just how bad toupees were in the swinging’ 70s. Whatever the case, here are some commercials the Shat made in the 70s. Let’s start with one for Loblaws, a Canadian supermarket chain.

You have to admit the penguin is an interesting touch. Now, let’s move to Promise margarine, a product designed to help the health-conscious citizens of the 70s who wanted to avoid high cholesterol but had no trouble inhaling eight balls of cocaine at their local disco.

Let’s step back to 1971 when the Shat was slinging Chrysler Plymouths (some of you crazy kids probably don’t even know what a Plymouth is). In all fairness, the Shat’s rug looks first-rate here, and it’s likely Chrysler made sure he didn’t look like he threw a mop on his head. I’ll let you be the judge.

Decades later and Mr. Shatner looks fantastic, his Shatner 3000 toupee looking even more fabulous. When it comes to hairpieces, you’ve come a long way baby.

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