Shaquille O’Neal Worries Fans About His Recent Tweet

The basketball community was rocked when former NBA All-Star and league MVP, Shaquille O’Neal, posted a tweet from his hospital bed, with multiple tubes connected to his body.

O’Neal has stayed mostly on television ever since his retirement from the game and his friendly but sometimes ugly banter with fellow player Charles Barkley sparked headlines for over a decade. Inside the NBA is one of the best sports shows on television and even won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Sports Show in recent years. Shaq is one of the main hosts which includes Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley.

Not much is known about Shaq’s current condition or why he is currently hospitalized but fellow basketball analyst and co-host, Candice Parker, offered her support to the beloved big man on Twitter. People on social media were quick to send the beloved big guy well wishes, love, and words of encouragement regarding his undisclosed condition.

O’Neal is a huge guy, standing 7 foot 1, and weighs more than 300 pounds. A few years ago, his son, Shareef O’Neal went under the knife because of a lingering heart problem. We just hope that the Big Diesel is okay and comes back healthier on television after his health scare.

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