Shaq Paid For Everyone’s Dinner While On Random Date?

Written by TrevStone

Shaq is one of the biggest people on Earth and he’s hard not to miss but recently on a dinner date with a mystery lady Shaq paid for everyone’s food at the restaurant including leaving the biggest tip they’ve seen.

This isn’t the first time we’ve reported on Shaq doing something like this he once paid for a man’s engagement ring:

Now who was his date? That’s unknown.

But this is what PageSix had to say:

Spies told us he popped in with the unidentified woman, whom he was overheard describing as “my date,” and ordered Beijing chicken, shrimp tempura and the restaurant’s signature chicken satay. “She did all the ordering,” an insider told Page Six.

After their meal, O’Neal, 50, proceeded to buy dinner for the entire server team.

“And to top that off, he paid for everyone’s check [who was] dining at the restaurant,” the source added.

We’re told O’Neal apparently wanted to keep his generosity a secret from fellow diners. He asked the staff not to mention that he was paying the bill for over 40 tables until he left the restaurant, according to our source.

We’re told the bill amounted to “well over $25,000” in checks. O’Neal was also “extremely generous” to Jue Lan’s staff. “He left them the biggest tip they’ve ever received,” the source said.

Here is a video about it:

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