Shannon Sharpe Player Hating On Rookie Justin Fields

Written by EricLyonsTV

Everybody knows I love Uncle Shay Sharpe but man it’s hard to defend him. Rookie QB Justin Fields had himself a field day in his preseason debut. Fields went 14 for 20, 142 yards, 1 TD, with a passer rating of 106.7. He also rushed five times for 33 yards. So it was a good day for Fields as he touched an NFL field for the first time. After the game he took questions of course. Justin said that the game felt kind of slow, he gave credit to practicing against the Bears defense. Of course Twitter was up in arms they hate to see people be confident in themselves for whatever reason. A media outlet tweeted out half his quote leaving out the part where he credited the Bears defense. It looked like he was just referring to the Dolphins shells who didn’t play many starters either. When this tweet started making its rounds Shannon Sharpe decided to give his two cents.

I just don’t understand the point of slighting this young man because of how he felt. How can you tell somebody else how they should feel about the game? Especially when the full quote wasn’t given so he reacted to half a quote then basically said he hasn’t seen anything yet. So what? Justin Fields is aware of what type of things will be different in a regular season game, he was strictly talking about how the pace of that game he played in felt. He didn’t say the NFL was easy, these old dudes have got the wipe their grandpa glasses off and look at the haters they’re becoming.

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