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Shannon Sharpe Looked Ready To Drop Skip Bayless

Written by Tony Ghaul

Fox Sports’s Shannon Sharpe scolded co-host Skip Bayless after Bayless decided to bring up Sharpe’s early retirement from the NFL compared to current Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady.

Bayless did like Sharpe’s criticism of Brady, so he decided to take a shot at his Undisputed co-host Monday in his defense of one of the greatest quarterbacks ever.

“This is just straight hate by a guy who’s jealous that he’s still playing at a high level at 45 when you had to stop at 35,” Bayless told Sharpe.

“That’s what you do, every time I call something into question, I’m jealous,” Sharpe fired back. “Skip, I did what I did. You make it seem like I was a bum! I’m in the effing hall of fame! I got three Super Bowls!”

Bayless said that he believed Brady was better than Sharpe ever was, even though the two played different positions.

“So what?” Bayless shouted. “He’s way better than you were!”

Sharpe’s voice became very high-pitched as he tried to defend himself.

“Skip, what does that got to do,” Sharpe continued. “See what you do? You take personal shots, timeout. You would take a personal shot at me.”

Bayless tried to speak over Sharpe, but the former NFL tight end would not allow it, as his voice became higher pitched. Sharpe removed his glasses to look Bayless in the face with his own eyes.

“You’re willing to take a personal shot at me, to say this man is better than me because I say he’s playing bad this year?” Sharpe asked.

“Because you disrespect him,” Bayless fired back. “It’s beneath your dignity.”

A very angry Sharpe had enough of the debate with Bayless and threw his hands on the table, ready to continue. If this was not on TV, it could have gotten bad.

“Well, I’ll support him over anybody because he’s the greatest player who ever played your game, and it’s by far!” Bayless answered.

Bayless is a smacked ass. He lives for hot takes. He went way over the line on this one. Sharpe was a helluva player. A Hall-of-Fame player. Bayless is a talking head. I don’t like these shows, but this what people want. To me, it’s like Jerry Springer show.

Shannon Sharpe lost it on Skip Bayless during a Tom Brady debate. Photo courtsey of The New York Post

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