Seth MacFarlane Co-Hosting FREE Inspirational Seminar Online 10/14/20

Family Guy/American Dad/The Orville creator Seth MacFarlane will join scientist and author Sean B. Carroll for a very special online event on 10/14/20 in promotion of Carroll’s new book called, “A Series of Fortunate Events: Chance and the Making of the Planet, Life, and You.” They will discuss the creation of the planet and human life as a result of nature’s intricacies.

Tickets are available for FREE but they are asking for donations if possible. The discussion is scheduled to go from 4pm to 5:30pm EST.

Carroll’s book covers similar topics as MacFarlane’s “Cosmos” science and educational television program on Fox each Tuesday at 8pm EST hosted by Neil deGrass Tyson.

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Shannon Walsh

Inspired by the late Michigan insider hotline host “Coach” Kurt Schneider and his “just the facts” style of reporting pro wrestling news and results from around the world.