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Seth Curry Tests Positive for COVID-19 In The Middle Of NBA Game?

Written by Jeffrey Iafrate

On Friday, the Philadelphia 76ers lost to the Brooklyn Nets with a final score of 109-122. As much as that surprised the now 7-2 76ers who were going against a depleted Brooklyn roster without Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. Nobody could of predicted a teammate sitting at the end of the bench was positive for the virus. Seth Curry, who was ruled out of the game with ankle soreness, sat on the end of the Philadelphia bench next to Joel Embiid and was immediately transported to quarantine once the team doctors found out his positive result.

The 76ers are staying over in New York until further contact tracing is done, and the team can find out if anymore exposed players need to be quarantined. Starting center Joel Embiid, who has a three-month old son is currently quarantining until he finds out he is absolutely certain he didn’t contract the virus. The NBA announced it had eight new players test positive for the virus after the players were tested during the start of the new year. Compared to just one when the league was tested on December 16th when starting the season.

As good as the NBA has been doing trying to keep the players healthy and COVID-19 free, a outbreak was bound to happen considering visiting family during the holidays, and the heavy travel the players have to go through regardless of no fans. More details should out in the next couple days in regards to this story.

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