Serie A Releases Updated Fixtures For Its Comeback – Sprint To The Finish

Written by Cory Vega

Slowly but surely the sports world is returning to normal. With the Bundesliga back in full swing, the Premier League and Serie A are plotting their comebacks as well. Just today, the Serie A board released the fixtures for the rest of the season. It’s going to be a goddamn sprint to the finish. Each team will play two games a week starting June 20th with the season finishing up August 2nd. There will be Italian football practically every day, and holy shit does that excite me. In this rapid-fire climax, there will be 124 matches played in total. Torino and Parma will be the first match. An important clash will be Lazio and Juventus, who are both vying for the title, as you can see from the table below. Mario Balotelli’s Brescia is dead last in the relegation zone.

With Italian football coming back, the Premier League on the horizon, and the NBA with high hopes, we can all hope the MLB plays ball too, pun intended. Can’t wait for the electric goals like this one.

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