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Sergei Bobrovsky and the Other NHL Playoff Bubble Teams Can Shut Up

Written by tRy25

I want the NHL to return to normal just like everyone else. I want to see the playoff picture shape up and see the teams push for the remaining wild card spots. I want to see if a team collapses and another wins 11 of their remaining 12 games to sneak in. BUT…

Bobrovsky and these other playoff bubble teams can shove it up their ass if they bitch about the NHL resuming and going straight into the playoffs. Sergei doesn’t think it’s “fair” to do that? What’s not fair is getting paid $10 million a year to play like an AHL callup for 6 months then complain about not getting a shot.

The Panthers have 13 games remaining and are 3 points out of a Wild card spot. They have heavy competition with the Hurricanes, Blue Jackets, Rangers and Islanders, all chasing that last spot.

I’ll tell you what though, I don’t have time for the tears. If these teams are going to hold up a possible return, as the NHL is discussing plans to play in areas not heavily affected by the virus, then I’ll lose my mind. Sorry guys, you had 70 games to put yourself in a better position. No one saw a pandemic coming and halting all professional sports. It’s not like the NHL just decided to skip the last 10% of the season to rush to playoffs.

We’re in a weird time right now. If your team hasn’t played well enough to be in the playoffs at this point, tough boogies. Does it stink? Sure. But we all need playoff hockey more than 12 more regular season games to cater to average teams.

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PS- I like Sergei. He’s donated $100,000 to help those affected by the Coronavirus. He’s teamed up with former teammate Artemi Panarin to donate thousands of N-95 masks to hospitals in their communities. That’s highly admirable and something you’d want anyone in his financial position to do. So kudos to him on that front.

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