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SENDAI GIRLS Results 8/2/20, Changes To The Jaja Uma Tournament

SENDAI GIRLS Pro Wrestling results from Sendai, Japan 🇯🇵 at the Miyagino Ward Cultural Center on 8/2/20:

The roster came to the ring like usual to open the show. This is the company’s first event back since 3/28/20 due to the virus pandemic.

Manami beat Yurika Oka by submission in 8:59.

Masha Slamovich pinned Mei Hoshizuki with a Tiger Driver in 7:49.

Sakura Elizabeth Hirota pinned KAORU with the Furafura Don in 10:25.

Hiroyo Matsumoto beat Natsuho Kaneko by Texas Cloverleaf submission in 8:20.

Chihiro Hashimoto, Yuu, and Manami beat Meiko Satomura, DASH Chisako and Yurika Oka when Hashimoto pinned Oka after a senton in 19:37.

They announced that Mei Suruga will not take part in the second round of the Jaja Uma tournament. She advanced in the first round which took place on 3/28 with a win over Honori Hana.

There will be a second chance battle royal to fill Suruga’s spot on 8/29 at Shinkiba 1st Ring with AKARI, Maria, Honori Hana, Kaneko, Oka, and Namani who all lost in the first round. Mikoto Shindo, Mei Hoshizuki, Crea, and Haruka Umesaki advanced in the tournament on 3/28. The second round is 9/21 and the finals are on 9/22/20.

Mika Iwata is still recovering from injuries. She was at the show acting as ring second and disinfecting the ring between matches. She hasn’t wrestled since June 2019.

Thanks to Tomi Yamada for sending in the results.

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