SELL THE TEAM, chants break out at the Knicks game.

Looks like all is well at MSG during the Knicks and Grizzles game last night Knicks fans started a “Sell the team” chant after a scuffle between the two teams broke out.

The Knick are trashcan on fire, their young talent has regressed tremendously, the veterans are not very good either, and will not be on the roster next year since a majority of them are on one year deals, Management is incompetent and James Dolan will not give over control and decision making to general mangers who can actually lead the team because he has to make it about himself. But the narrative will remain the same GM Scott Perry will be fired inevitably, and Steve Mills will still have a job which is beside me on how that is even possible.

There never seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel for the Knicks and their fans. I just hope and pray that Dolan sells the team because it is an embarrassment. But he continues to make tons of money off of this team so the likely hood of him selling them is very unlikely. This seems to be the lowest point of the Knicks season thus far after another blowout loss they sit at 13-35 which is the third worst record in the NBA. The message is loud and clear we Knicks fans want a change, get Dolan out of here.

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