Seeing Matthew Stafford In Rams Gear Is The Weirdest Thing Ever

Written by Will

I know, I need to move on. But damn, it’s going to take a while for me to see Matthew Stafford wearing Rams gear. This guy has been a Lion since 2009, I thought he would always be a Lion. That’s why it will take a while for this to be normal. I’m sure by week four, I will be very much used to Stafford in Rams stuff. But right now? Odd as hell for me.

It is weird and sad to see Stafford not wearing the good old english D hat that he would always rock. Never seen Stafford in anything else besides Detroit clothing. He rocked the hell out of that hat.

What a beast. I am positive we will see him rock those Dodger hats for his buddy, Clayton Kershaw. The day Stafford retires, he better go back to rocking that Tigers hat.

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