What an episode! I love The Curse of Oak Island.

The biggest find of the year!! 50-55 feet underground the team found what is more than likely wood from a tunnel.

The team is hoping it’s the flood tunnel that should lead right to the money pit. (At the end of the episode the team got the results back that dated the wood to 1969.)

The team also concluded that they need to drain the swamp and dig. Tom Nolan the son of the late Oak Island treasure hunter Fred Nolan is working with the team this year and is eager to work in the swamp. His father always talked about the swamp having answers.

Gary Drayton made an incredible discovery. One that might actually be “treasure”….

The team met with an expert on how to go about stopping the water flow in the swamp… we will see that play out in the next couple of episodes.

ALSO… the team found a coin from the 1800s.


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