New Denver Broncos Head Coach Sean Payton is making new rules regarding QB Russell Wilson.

Payton said Monday that he does not plan to allow Wilson to have his own personal coach with him at team facilities going forward. Wilson was allowed to bring his own training staff and personal quarterbacks coach.

“That’s foreign to me. That’s not going to take place here,” Payton said of allowing players to bring their own associates into the building. “I’m unfamiliar with it, but our staff will be here, our players will be here and that’ll be it.”

A lot was made of Wilson’s special privileges last season. Wilson has sought to have more control over the offense in the past, this is something that will not happen under Payton.

Sean Payton has promised to bring discipline and accountability to the team.

“You have law and order, as Bill [Parcells] would say,” Payton said. “… You come in with this is how we’re going to teach, this is how we’re going to meet, this is how we’re going to practice. … Every year in our league there have been great plans with noble thoughts and a lot of enthusiasm that don’t have success. … Discipline, toughness, and football makeup is going to be real important for who is a Denver Bronco. There is an element of discipline, there is an element of toughness and, look, it’s not for everyone.”

Payton last coached with the Saints in 2021. He was under contract in New Orleans through the 2024 season. The Broncos sent their first-round pick in April (29th overall) and a second-round pick in 2024 to the Saints to sign Payton to a five-year contract. Denver also received a 2024 third-round pick back from New Orleans.

New Denver Broncos Head Coach Sean Payton. Photo courtsey of The New York Post


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