USC QB Caleb Williams is a true sophomore, who is already generating serious draft interest despite not being eligible to jump to the NFL until the spring of 2024.

Williams began his college career playing as a true freshman for Lincoln Riley at Oklahoma. He followed his coach to play at USC, where he became a starter and is the Heisman Trophy favorite.

Former New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton boldly declared that Williams is the sort of generational talent who is not only worthy of “sucking for” but could force the NFL to change the very system by which draft players are selected, as he detailed to Colin Cowherd on his FS1 show The Herd.

“It’s healthy when we in scouting like to say ‘well, who does he remind you of?’ Payton said. “And we’re not putting that pressure on Caleb to be the next Mahomes and ‘oh, you’re gonna be the next Mahomes’ it’s just, it’s very good to be like ‘he’s like this.’ And so, I brought it up yesterday on the show, I think he’s a generational player and I’ve seen three or four games, obviously not as many as I would if I was truly doing the evaluation, but at some point, especially with the relationship the league has in gaming now, at some point, we’re going to move to a lottery system in the NFL. Because this is the kind of player who does that where, at the end of the season, here you are in Week call it 14, 12, teams begin to lose to put themselves in that position.”

Williams has a completion ratio of 65.8% and passed for 3,712 yards with 44 total TD’s and 3 INT’s this season.

USC QB Caleb Williams. Photo courtsey of Arrogant Nation – Twitter


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