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Sean McVay Proven Right About Jared Goff

Written by Robert McCarver

The biggest story of this past NFL offseason was the blockbuster trade between the Lions and Rams. Lions sent long-time franchise QB Matthew Stafford to LA for a 3rd round pick, 1st rounders in 2022 and 2023, along with QB Jared Goff. Well, both QB’s got to play against their former teams on Sunday and one Head Coach got his validation.

LA Rams Head Coach was the one to make the call on moving off of Goff and pushed the Rams to make the change from Goff to Stafford. McVay felt that Goff was holding back the offense and therefore the team with the level of play he showed and needed a guy who could make any throw and that’s exactly what McVay got. The Rams finally have a QB that unlocks more of the playbook for McVay and someone who is motivated.

Stafford spent his entire career with Detroit until this season and the closest thing he had to complete team was in 2014 where the refs snatched a potential playoff victory from the Lions on a horrendous PI call. This season he gets to show the world he is that dude that many believed he was, which is an MVP candidate and possible Super Bowl Champion. Goff on the other hand, is showing what many people thought he was, which is a QB that was baby fed under McVay and at best is a top 20 QB in the league, and on Sunday he was the reason the Lions couldn’t pull of the upset.

Dan Campbell pulled out all the smoke and mirrors with onside kicks to fake punts but it still wasn’t enough.

Why wasn’t it enough you may ask? Well, because Jared Goff is the QB for the Lions. In the 4th quarter, the Lions were driving down the field and were in the red zone when Goff made another huge mistake.

One of the reasons McVay moved off of Goff was his turnovers and what does Goff do when he can shock the world and beat the coach that told the world that Goff wasn’t good enough, throws an INT that costs the Lions any chance at the game.

I think we’ve learned a few things during the game today, McVay was correct about Goff, Dan Campbell is the right man for the job in Detroit and he will move on quicker from Goff than McVay did.

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