Sean McVay is Easily The Most Annoying Head Coach in The NFL Right?

Written by schultzyca

Sean McCoy seems to be labeled the ‘golden boy’ of the NFL and everyone loves him. I for one think he is so annoying because of this his memory and shtick of how he remembers everything makes me want to vomit and everything about he is just corny to me.

I don’t really think he is a good head coach and quite frankly think he is a master mind of nothingness. He seems to just be a rah-rah guy that does not produce, I get it he went to the Super Bowl but what has he really accomplished anything. At some point the honeymoon stage has to end right? I just wonder when that time will come, I personally believe his act is one being schtick and his whole act is so incredibly annoying to me. I can’t stand the guy.

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