Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks Protect THE NEST

With a miss from Greg Zuerlein, the Seahawks have done it again.

The defense pulled through and stopped Jared Goff and his Kupp. That being said, WHAT A FUCKING GAME! ON EDGE THE WHOLE TIME!

Russell Wilson in his 8th year, showed the world why if you trust in the Carroll, WE CAN SING A SUPERBOWL TUNE… Going 17-23 with 268 yards and 4 TDs, the aerial assault was on DISPLAY! Connecting with 4 different players for Touchdowns and 8 different targets, he was writing a SYMPHONY!

Chris Carson tearing it up on the ground, rushed for 27 times and 118 yards. Though he didn’t slam a Touchdown down the throats of the Rams, he did catch one. ON SOME BULLSHIT; I’M GONNA PRETEND IVE NEVER CAUGHT A BALL IN MY LIFE AND DO IT ON A CONTROVERSIAL 4TH AND GOAL PLAY

With that being said, ” It’s on to the next one. GO HAWKS!”

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