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SEAdLINNNG 5th Anniversary Results 8/26/20: Sareee Appears To Challenge

SEAdLINNNG results of the 5th Anniversary Show from Tokyo, Japan at Shinjuku FACE on 8/26/20 live on YouTube:

Tsukushi and Honori Hana beat Rina Yamashita and Thekla when Tsukushi pinned Thekla with the La Magistral Cradle in 12:43.

Arisa Nakajima pinned Yuu with a crucifix in 7:36.

Ryo Mizunami pinned Yoshiko after a uranage throw in 7:53. Mizumori said she and Miyuki Takase wanted to challenge Yoshiko and Hiroyo Matsumoto for the tag titles at a future show.

Asuka and Makoto won a 3-way tag team match over Miyuki Takase and Itsuki Aoki, Kaho Kobayashi and Ayame Sasamura when Asuka pinned Aoki in 8:48.

Arisa Nakajima and Tsukasa Fujimoto went to a 30-minute time limit draw with Yoshiko and Hiroyo Matsumoto. Fujimoto and Nakajima also want to challenge for the tag titles.

Yoshiko cut a promo and Sareee came out to give her a bouquet of flowers. Yoshiko refused. Sareee slapped her in the face with the bouquet. She will challenge Yoshiko for the BEYOND The SEA Title on 9/24/20.

The first SEAdLINNNG event was on 8/26/15 with Ayako Hamada and Nanae beating Meiko Satomura and Amazing Kong in the main event.

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