Scrappin’ Ep. 16 With Cody Durden is Live!

Written by Noah Gagnon

A new episode of Scrappin’ is live, and this one was awesome. I got to talk to UFC flyweight Cody Durden, and Cody was the freaking man. He was funny, gave honest answers, and his UFC journey was absolutely insane. More people need to hear this guy talk, because he’s the freaking man. Check it out.

My favorite part is when we talked about him fighting wild animals, and honestly, I think his response was pretty modest. Not to go too deep into it, but I think his modest answer actually speaks to his humility as a person. Some of these fighters are such psycho’s that they’d say some dumb shit like “yeah I could take out a tiger,” but Cody wasn’t like that. Smart guy.

The only thing you can fault him for in this one are his shitty UFC 266 picks. He went with Diaz and Ortega. Could not have been more wrong. But can I fault the guy? Absolutely not. I bet on both of them this weekend, so I was with Cody all the way. I agreed with the picks at the time.

Cody’s gonna be fighting Qileng Aori in November, and I have complete faith in him. I swear, doing this show is awful for my mental health because I literally have a panic attack whenever one of the guys I interviewed is fighing, but I have a feeling I’ll have nothing to worry about with Cody.

If you’ve gotten this far into the article and still haven’t watched the episode I hate you.

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