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Scott Hanson, NFL Redzone to Donate $10 per Touchdown Scored to the Barstool Fund – @BarstoolFund @stoolpresidente @ScottHanson

Written by Nate

With the donation total now over $17 million coming from sports figures and celebrities in the United States, the Barstool Fund has became a massive humanitarian success for small businesses/establishments thoroughly impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

And now, the NFL Redzone channel is chipping in as host Scott Hanson tweeted out to founder Dave Portnoy, the ‘Big Cat,’ and the PFT Commenter that they will donate $10 per touchdown scored in every afternoon/early evening game slate to the Fund today.

The donations may include tonight’s regular season Sunday Night Football finale matchup between the Washington and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Let’s all hope for a lot of touchdowns now so there will be a good amount towards the Fund.

So far we have had a few touchdowns already in this Week 17 slate of the 2020 NFL season, let’s hope for a lot more scores in these games.

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