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What human qualities do you think are the most important for a strong and happy relationship? Romantic nature? Sensuality? Loyalty? All of this is, of course, important. But Vidya Madhavan, creator of the unique dating app Schmooze, believes that the main thing for a successful dating is a similar sense of humor. And she seems to be right!

Today we’ll look at the Schmooze app — a dating service based precisely on a sense of humor. Believe us, you have never seen anything like it. 

How Schmooze works and how it came about

Schmooze is easiest to describe as Tinder with memes. Here you see not photos of other users, but a variety of memes. You indicate whether you like the meme or not, and then the fun begins — unique Schmooze algorithms come into play, which analyze the participants’ sense of humor and select the most successful pair for them.

Every day 200 new memes appear in Schmooze, and the old ones are gradually deleted. This makes Schmooze both a great entertainment platform and an extraordinary dating app. 

Beta testing of the application took place in the summer of 2020, 200 Stanford students took part in it. After that, Schmooze appeared on Google Play and the App Store publicly, and most importantly completely free. This may change in the future, but at the time of writing this article, there are no paid features in Schmooze.

How the Schmooze app came to be so popular

Vidya Madhavan, author of Schmooze, was born in India where she studied to be a mechanical engineer. Even then, she dreamed of opening her own business, although she did not fully understand in what area she could prove herself. Eventually she managed to enter Stanford Business School, expecting that this is where her brilliant business career would begin. But everything did not go quite according to plan…

One day, Vidya Madhavan went to LinkedIn to ask other people for advice on whether to attend graduate school in California. The responses of the social network participants turned out to be very dry, boring, although generally objective. And only one person stood out from the rest — he told funny jokes, was unusually open and friendly, and Vidya really liked it. She says that in a few days they exchanged more than 200 letters, and almost all of the messages were in a joking manner. This prankster-date eventually became Vidya’s husband, with whom she lives in a happy marriage to this day.

It was at that moment that Vidya came up with a brilliant idea — to create an application for dating, where the most important thing would not be appearance, not interests, not social status, but a sense of humor. Since then, Vidya Madhavan focused entirely  on this idea, and in 2020 the Schmooze app was released.

It was a success!

Ulu Ventures Fund and several other large companies invested more than $270,000 in Schmooze. In addition, the app went viral very quickly and became an inexhaustible source of content for TikTok. And that was its best advertisement. In addition, the coronavirus pandemic also played a role. Millions of people, finding themselves literally locked in their homes due to quarantine, began to look for new entertainment on the Internet. And thanks to Schmooze they found it.

As a result, the Schmooze statistics are already amazing: 

  • more than 4,000,000,000 swipes of memes in the application 
  • over 150,000 matches of pairs
  • the app is used by students from over 100 universities

So far, Schmooze’s main audience is young people from the United States. But the spread of the application to other countries and continents is only a matter of time. The unique format and creative approach to online dating have done their job. Schmooze is one of the most talked about apps of 2020-2021.

Schmooze isn’t the only unusual dating app

If you thought that Schmooze is an exception to the rules of online dating, then this is not entirely true. There are many interesting sites out there that use non-conventional dating approaches. Let’s take a quick look at some of them: 

  1. Farmers Only — a dating app exclusively for farmers, herders and agricultural students. The developers say that thanks to their service, more than a hundred relationships have already formed.
  2. Twindog — a dating platform for dog owners. Interestingly, Twindog tries to find the optimal pair for both the dog and its owner. The service is very strange, but it still found its audience. 
  3. Hater — a dating platform where you can find people who hate the same thing as you. And it doesn’t matter if it’s clowns, morning subway lines, or an advert for chips. Rest assured, there are people in the world who hate the same thing.
  4. Love Flutter — in a sense, a mixture of Twitter and a regular dating app. You have only 140 characters to describe yourself and get the interest of another person. You also see only the same short “biographies” of other users. And only if you show interest can you see a photo of the selected person.
  5. — a dating site for travel lovers and adventure seekers. Here you can not just meet interesting people, but also plan joint trips, discover new countries and unknown places together.

And this is not the complete list of non-standard, curious, and sometimes frankly strange dating sites on the Internet. If you’re tired of boring Tinder or Badoo, it’s time to try something new.

And one more thing — video chat sites

Despite such a wide variety, all of the listed sites fall under the category of dating sites and applications. But what if you are interested in something completely different? If you don’t want to register, upload photos, waste time looking for a match and “play by someone else’s rules”, there’s a great alternative for you — video chat sites.

Video chat (or chat roulette) is a site or application that connects you with completely random users and allows you to chat on a wide variety of topics. The online videochat format has existed since 2009, when the Omegle website appeared. Subsequently, we saw a huge number of rivals, including Emeraldchat, Shagle,, Tinychat, CooMeet and other popular online video chat sites.

This communication format is a great time saver, allowing you to meet dozens of interesting people in just one evening. More importantly, it does not force you into a structure set by the developers. There is much more freedom, opportunities for self-expression and communication with people from all over the world.

Always look for something new

As you already understand, the Internet offers us a huge number of opportunities for dating. You don’t have to use classic dating sites and apps. Now they look frankly boring and generic.

We recommend that you constantly look for something new, do not be afraid to experiment and explore other formats of dating. Schmooze developer Vidya Madhavan was not afraid to go beyond the usual boundaries and risk a promising business career for the sake of one application. Success awaited her. So why not take the risk too? After all, that’s why a person is given freedom!

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