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SCAM: Stop Sharing The Lost Dog Posts Unless 100% Sure; Majority Are Scams

Written by TrevStone

I don’t want to tell you what to do but I am sick of scrolling on Facebook and noticing that someone is sharing a fake dog missing on marketplace in a local area, normally small towns. And a lot of the time it’s the same image. Next thing you know that one post in a local group gets hundreds of shares and thousands of eyes on it – and it’s all a scam. I see a ton of them in ‘Yooper‘ groups seeing I’m from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. And I just want to warn you before you share them.

I know, I’ve got a heart for dogs also.

But always click on the profile and make sure that it’s someone local or at least the persons profile seems legit. Majority of the time when it’s a scam the profile doesn’t even look real. I fell for it once too. But I’d hate for you too.

It’s annoying. For me, everyone else, and it ends up annoying you too because when you find out it was a scam/fake post it’ll annoy you. It’s different when it’s actually legit. And how can you tell? Well I just went over that. But let’s do it again, just in case you are still wondering.

How to make sure!

  • Click on the profile and see if it’s a real person.
  • Click on the comments. See if people are saying it’s fake.
  • See if the image has a background that looks local.
  • See if the person sharing it has other posts on Facebook.
  • See if the person has their location on Facebook – not on the post – but on the account.

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