Scals Selections: NFL Week 4

A very not amazing week in betting last week. I’ll be more transparent, it was bad. However, this just sets us up for a bounce back weekend, and that weekend starts Thursday night.

In the Thursday night game, I love teasing the Bengals down to -1.5. The Bengals have been impressive on both sides of the ball so far this season. The Jamar and Joe connection has been electric. The defense has been a pleasant surprise. The Jags also are just the worst for some reason. I got them teased with the Packers down to -0.5. Rodgers and the gang have figured it out, coming off a nice win at SF. They are playing the Steelers, who really just need a QB change. Ben looks like shit, he has the mobility of a tree, and every pass just floats.

My favorite teaser involves the Titans. I really like the Titans in general this season. And only being a 7 point favorite against the Jets, coming down to -1, it’s a lock. The Jets are so so so very bad. This is teased with the Chiefs. I refuse to believe that the Chiefs lose their 3rd straight game, especially against the Eagles. The Chiefs have not looked good in all honesty, but this is still an insanely talented team. Coming down to -1 against the Eagles is a winner.

Last teaser I have involves the Titans so there’s that. This is teased with the Panthers up to +10.5 against the Cowboys. Both these teams have been so good this year. CMC being out doesn’t bug me. I just think Darnold is stepping up and being a big time player. Getting 10.5 makes me very comfortable.

Only one straight bet this week, Rams -4 against the Cards. I think the Cards are good, but they are squeaking these wins out. The Rams look crazy good, and I fully expect them to win this in division game.

Full Card

Bengals -1.5, GB -0.5

Titans -1, Chiefs -1

Titans -1, Panthers +10.5

Rams -4

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