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Scals Selection: WCF GM 4 Suns @ Clippers

Written by Scal

WE WON! Thank god. The 0-3 start had really taken a toll on me. But, the Bucks came through for us and we are now in the win column. As for tonight, we saw the Clippers come out and win game 3 at home, so let’s get into the pick.

The Suns are +1 or +1.5 depending on what book you have. I’m saying forget the points. ML I’m seeing the Suns somewhere between even money and -105. I like the Suns to win.

I might be totally flawed in this thinking. But I refuse to believe this Clippers team can win. Reggie Jackson is the 2nd best scorer! That just isn’t sustainable.

Official play for tonight: Suns ML. Positive vibes only.

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