We are back folks. After the NBA Finals ended Tuesday, I’ve taken a rare brake from betting, but it’s time to get back to it.

The only thing to bet right now is baseball. This is the slowest part of the year. I love baseball don’t be mistaken. However, these July and August days drag on. April and May have the glamour of a new season and then September is playoff push time. But June, July, and August can be a pain. It is better than nothing.

Today I like the Brewers -1.5 at +170 home against the White Sox. When I bet baseball, I always lay the 1.5. Only 18% of games end in a 1 run difference. Burnes is going for the Brewers. Hot team at home. Let’s go Brew Crew. Also, after today, only 4 Saturdays till football. We can make it.

Official pick: Brewers -1.5 +170. Positive vibes only.


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