Hey y’all, Murray here. First, big thanks to the Pro Sports Extra folks for giving me this opportunity and platform to share my takes with everyone. Little background on me.

Born and raised in Las Vegas. For most of my life, Vegas had no sports teams. Luckily, my family was from the New England area. I was born into a Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, and Patriots household. Some would say that’s worked out, as those teams have a combined 12 titles in my 21 years of life.

Played every sport under the sun growing up. I still dabble in tennis, golf, and on occasion pickup basketball. In high school I was dubbed the nickname Scal (after the great Brian Scalabriene).

At a young age, due to my love of sports and living in Vegas, I was introduced to sports betting. At this point I’ve fallen head over heels for it, and am a daily bettor. My sports knowledge is pretty extensive in all areas. Obviously all the big American sports, both pro and college. It goes further than that, as I love soccer, and as previously mentioned both tennis and golf.

Currently I’m attending the University of Nevada Reno. I’m a Communication major with a minor in Sports Management. Doing betting and sports content has been my dream for a few years now.

I like to think I got some fun stories, and interesting takes to share with everyone. Really excited to share some sports betting, and just general sports stories with y’all! Positive vibes only.


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