Sareee Gives An Update On Her WWE Status

Written by Shannon Walsh

Japanese pro wrestler Sareee did an interview with Tokyo Sports this week to talk about her current frustrating situation with the virus pandemic.

The 24-year-old signed a contract with WWE several months ago. Her final matches in Japan to date were with Diana on 2/24/20. They had a farewell event for her which saw her winning a trios match with Jaguar Yokota and Ayako Sato over Haruka Umesaki, Madeline, and Nanami when Sato pinned Madeline. She also won the main event singles match defeating Kaoru Ito with a German Suplex for the pin.

She had planned to move to the United States to begin training at the WWE Performance Center in March. The virus pandemic disrupted those plans and she’s been stuck in limbo in Japan ever since and not wrestling at all.

In the Tokyo Sports interview, Sareee says WWE has given her special permission to once again wrestle in Japan until the travel restrictions are lifted and she can safely come to America. She said there are no restrictions by WWE on who she can wrestle for while in Japan and she has been getting tired of sitting around and not performing since February.

She was supposed to face Mayu Iwatani on a STARDOM show back on 2/8/20, but she was pulled due to illness and Takumi Iroha replaced her against Iwatani. Fans are hoping that there’s a chance her match vs. Iwatani could still happen now as Rossy Owaga and Bushiroad have been wanting to bring in more top stars from other places to STARDOM.

Usually WWE is always secretive about new talent they sign until the person officially debuts on WWE television or they decide to make a public company announcement. Sareee’s business dealings with them have been rare public knowledge from the Japanese press ever since she met with Triple H and took a photo with him in June 2019 during WWE’s live event tour of Japan.

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