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Santa’s Top 5 Ho Ho Hoes!!!!!

Written by JohnnyB

5. Anna Farris Just Friends: Playing a ditzy, slutty, pop star in this classic Christmas movie, Anna does it right! I mean come on I need this poster. How the hell did Reynold’s character not go after the sexy crazy one, instead settled for the level headed sweet one, bad choice bro.

4. Bruce Willis Die Hard- I mean you knew Office John McClain was making this list. He saved Christmas in NYC and looked hot doing it. Santa would definitely have him on his Naughty but Nice list ;).

3. The Leg Lamp Christmas Story- This was an obvious pick for all straight men ages 55-25. I mean its and iconic Christmas movie from the 80’s that plays on a continuous loop on TBS during Christmas. I also received my first holiday boner out of no where Christmas of 2000, being a young 12 year old with a hard on during a Christmas movie only led to 4 years of therapy, well worth it.

2. Lauren Graham Bad Santa- I mean look at her she’s a girl next store that turns out to be a low key fox. Oh and for Christmas she lets Santa go down on her. So yeah she’s on the list of Santa’s favorite Ho Ho Hoes duh bro.

  1. Rachel McAdams Mean Girls- Ok Ok Ok I get it, its not a classic “Christmas” movie. But do you see the outfit. Do you see the hat, and the boots and the two piece Santa suit? I mean come on now, Regina George is a sure fire 1A Santa Hoe. She’s a physco, hot chick with obvious huge mental issues, sign me up to ride on her sleigh. Santa is very happy having Ms. George as his number one Ho Ho Hoe ;).
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