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San Diego Chargers Hall Of Famer Dies Unexpectedly!

The year of 2021 has not been exceptionally well to professional athletes. For whatever reason, it seems like we have seen more athletes die in 2021 than ever before. Every week it seems like we are reporting on the loss of an athlete, whether it bein the NFL, NHL, NBA or MLB.

Unfortunately, sad news comes out of the Los Angeles (formerly San Diego) Chargers. Earlier this month, it was announced that fromer San Diego Chargers Hall of Famer Russ Washington passed away age the age of 74. Washington spent his entire 15-year career with San Diego after arriving as the No. 4 pick of the 1968 NFL Draft. Between 1974 and 1979, Washington made 5 Pro Bowl appearances as a tackle. After retiring from the NFL, Washington was added to the “Chargers Hall of Fame.”

In other Charers news, former running back and NFL Hall of Famer LaDaininan Tomlinson recently commented on the Chargers new offensive line and what it looks like from a running back’s perspective. See what he had to say on the matter below:

“From a running back’s perspective, you build chemistry out here in practice first,” Tomlinson reflected. “Once those guys get a feel for how you run the football, your pace and tempo, then they’re able to do their job a lot better. We use the [mantra] as runners, runners help the offensive line make their blocks. We actually create the blocks. They do their job, but we create the blocks for them. So with that said, the more you play together, the more you run the football, the better they will get.”

“If I’m Austin Ekeler, I’m back there smiling because he has all these weapons all over the field. He has a stud quarterback and now it’s kind of like, is the defense gonna forget about me? No. You’re gonna see Austin Ekeler bust through there a number of times for big scores.”

credit: chargers.com

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