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Sam Ponder Confronts Dave Portnoy in Public!!!

Written by JohnnyB

The long feud between Dave Portnoy, Barstool Sports and Sam Ponder came to blows outside of a NYC restaurant. It was told on the new Dave Portnoy Show Podcast – Episode 4.

Did ESPN and her agent throw Sam under the bus for Barstool Van Talk being canceled? Maybe there is a lot more then once thought of before. Listen for your own opinions.

Why would Sam Ponder do this in Public? Is it to squash the beef? The craziness about it? How she approached Dave:

“It was Tuesday night. Went out to dinner. I was out on a date. Went out to Catch, it’s a restaurant in New York across the street, have dinner. I’m walking out of the restaurant and a girl is like hanging out on the side of the bar by herself. She’s like “do you recognize me?” and I’m looking at her and I’m like “No”… and I didn’t… I’m like oh my god, what’s going on here. She was wearing a hat, she takes it off. She’s like “what about now?” I’m like “still no” and like no clue who this girl is. And I’m like usually not mean to girls. I could tell it wasn’t like a “hey remember me lets hug it out” She was like saying it with anger. Then she’s like “you don’t recall like saying that I’m a slut?” – Dave Portnoy


It’s Sam Ponder.

Dave went on to say that they went face to face for an hour. Jaw to jaw. At Catch. They went over everything. All the drama. Sam Ponder went onto say that ESPN threw her under the bus and that she didn’t want Van Talk canceled.

Ponder continued to say she DIDN’T have her kid on Gameday which Portnoy said was the entire reason they had feud. [Which we confirmed to be true. Click here!]

An hour – 1 on 1. Dave said that he actually respected that Ponder went up to him and going after her. Most people who have drama with Barstool will just go up to Dave and say they love Barstool. That wasn’t the case for Sam Ponder.

Maybe she sees the Pirate Ship growing and the Mother Ship sinking. Maybe Sam is working an angle to join the pirate ship because she sees how woman friendly Barstool has become.

Shit Sam Ponder on Barstool Why Not? Turn the hate into content duh.

Colt McCoy?

Dave mentioned that the former QB was with her. But he couldn’t confirm it because he didn’t see him. But a Barstool employee/former NFL player Willie Colon who knows McCoy told Willie Colon about this happening.

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