Sam Koch Announces Retirement

Written by Ngm002

Sam Koch announced his retirement on Thursday after 16 seasons with the ravens. Leading the Ravens franchise with 256 games played, Koch only ever missed one game due to covid in 2020. In 2015, he was a Pro Bowler and in the same year selected for second-team-All-Pro.

A Nebraska graduate, he was picked in the sixth round in 2006. He took over the job as a rookie where he became known for his unique punting style. Depending on the situation and punt returner was able to kick different punts to give the Ravens an edge. He averaged 45 yards per punt with the Ravens, distancing out to over 52,000 yards. Along with punting, he was a holder for the great kicker Justin Tucker, “I owe much of my success over the last 10 years to Sam, and many Ravens’ victories over the last 16 years are very much because of Sam’s efforts,” says Tucker.

In the 2022 draft, the ravens selected Penn St. punter Jordan Stout in the fourth round, which led to many fans questioning Koch’s stay. Jordan Stout was one of the best punters last year in college as the Ravens add another star. Jordan’s hangtime averages at 4.36 seconds comparing to Koch’s hangtime of 4.82. Sam Koch will be a special teams consultant for the ravens helping Jordan Stout fill his new role.

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