Saint Paul Police Department Issues Message That Officer Jacob Pederson WAS NOT The Man Who Broke The First Windows At First Minneapolis Fire

Saint Paul Police Department has posted a message that the officer rumored to break windows at the first Minneapolis Fire was NOT there officer. Original post: Woah! What the hell! This just took another turn. Earlier today I blogged about a white man dressing up in all black and going to the protests yesterday in Minneapolis and started breaking windows. That man has now been identified as St. Paul cop Jacob Pederson. Was he hired to do this? Was he trying to hide to actually go against police or was he doing this to start the riots and fires? Original Post: Thousands of people have been posting about this white man who showed up at the protests for George Floyd in Minneapolis and was on a mission to incite violence and looting. Here is a video of him being confronted afterwards: Wow! This is going to be something that’s looked into. If anyone has any tips feel free to send them to me on Twitter or Instagram. Click here! What did Trump have to say?