Sadie Crowell recently posted a YouTube video and it quickly ended up on the trending page as the well known social media star bought her mother a new vehicle for her 50th birthday.

And I’ll be honest the video is very heartwarming showing images and videos of Sadies mothers over the years.

People couldn’t stop talking about the video saying:

“Sadie has me balling my eyes out, this is so, so sweet.” itsmads

“Your mom truly deserves this!!! I cannot imagine how lucky she feels to have you in her life 🥺”Adrianna Sutton

“Sadie!!!! I lost my mum to suicide two yrs ago and very recently, your videos have been my comfort. Watching you with your mum has been so bittersweet for me. It’s so beautiful to me that people still get this relationship with their parents and although I am in tears and envy this, I am so happy for you and so full to get to watch this and experience it from a third party. I’m in the UK so I’ve just got in from being out and I’m drunk and I clicked on this video expecting to laugh, I’m sobbing honestly f you, but also I feel so blessed to see this. Thank you for the comfort that I get from you and your family through some very dark days” – niamhrourke

Here is the video:

You might have to watch it directly on YouTube, click it below.

I’ll be honest she has some pretty sick merch also and if you’re a dude and looking for something to buy your lady friend this Holliday season, click here! But that’s not is she also has merch for men too!

Especially if you are a Future Dilf.

Learn More About Sadie:

If you don’t know who Sadie is click the link below to learn about her and her brand:


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