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Ryan Signs 3 Year Deal With New York Giants; DeShaun Watson To Replace Matt Ryan In Atlanta? @giants @atlantafalcons

Written by Chris Powers

The past few weeks of the current NFL off-season have been chaos to say the least. Many speculated that Aaron Rodgers would be leaving the Green Bay Packers, but instead he signed a massive 4 year deal to stay with the team.

One of the biggest blockbuster trades of all time saw long time Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson get traded to the Denver Broncos. To a lesser extent of a surprise, the Washington Commanders traded for another lackluster veteran quarterback in Carson Wentz from the Indianapolis Colts.

Now, the rumors of DeShaun Watson seem to be running rampant. Watson has been rumored to be meeting with the Cleveland Browns, New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers and of course the Atlanta Falcons. Recent rumblings state that the Falcons are the lead contender for Watson to land which would essentially see him replacing long time Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan. In 2019, Ryan signed a 5 year 150M deal that would keep him with the Falcons until 2024 unless he is traded.

In other NFL news, and we are really far behind on reporting this, but free safety Logan Ryan on December 25, 2020, signed a three-year, $31 million contract extension with $20 million guaranteed keeping him through the 2023 season. With that said, there is also rumors now that the Giants may be moving on from Ryan…

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