Ryan Fitzpatrick Reveals A Secret He’s Kept His Whole Career Now That He’s Retired #FitzMAGIC

Written by austenlange

Absolute LEGEND of a NFL quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick decided that it was his time to step away from the game of football. While this makes me deeply depressed to not have his electric personality on NFL Sunday’s.

However, I will mostly miss hearing NFL “Analysts” talk about how Ryan went to HArvard. This is up there with them mentioning Clayton Kershaw and MAtthew Stafford together, and even reposting the Griffey men’s back to back homers.

Now that Ryan has retired he is keying us all in on a secret that he has kept since he entered the league.

Hilarious to know that he actually enjoys them bringing it up. I mean one fucking HELL of an achievement but seeing him actually glow up and love it is hilarious.

I wish Fitzy nothing but the best of wishes and I hope whatever comes after retirement for him is exactly what he wants.

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