The Ohio State Buckeyes mustered just 3 points in Cotton Bowl loss to Missouri. That is an abysmal offensive performance from a team that is littered with four and five star talent.

I am sure that their will be excuses about missing players, but there is enough talent still on the roster to score more than just a field goal.

Under Day as Head Coach, Ohio State continues to beat the lesser teams, but when it comes time to play the big boys, his team comes up small.

Day’s teams have lost to Clemson, Alabama, Georgia and Missouri. He is 2-4 in Bowl games. Day has lost three straight games to Michigan since 2021.

With all of their elite talent under Day, Ohio State lost in the CFP semifinal in 2019 and 2022. They reached the final in 2020 but were crushed 52-24 to Alabama.

Ryan Day Is a phony, a big mouth and a fraud. He is overmatched against the top coaches in the country.

Losing to your arch and bitter rival, has cost many coach’s their job. Plus add into the fact that you have the talent on your roster, like Alabama, Georgia and Clemson had, and you could not win the big prize.

Face it Buckeyes fans, it’s time to move on.

Head coach Ryan Day of the Ohio State Buckeyes. Photo courtesy of Michael Hickey/Getty Images


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