Rutgers will never be in a Final Four in my lifetime

Written by Noah Gagnon

I’ve been lucky enough to be at the Final Four in New Orleans, and it’s been awesome. The games are great, the fans are passionate, the food is fantastic, and the Superdome is sick… but I have been left with one depressing takeaway. It will never be Rutgers here, ever.

It’s not even basketball-related though. Maybe our players will be good enough one day, maybe we’ll have the talent, maybe Pikiell will really up is game, it won’t matter. We’re just cursed as a school. We’re not meant to have good things, or good teams, or winning. Only loss and heartbreak for the Knights.

Like, I’m looking around and seeing the logos of the teams all over the city just thinking to myself “there will never be a Rutgers R associated with this event.” And honestly, it might even be for the best. Imagine buying a final four tickets months in advance, only to be forced to watch Rutgers basketball. You’d be pissed!

Not to mention, the fanbases here are freaking massive. Don’t get me wrong, I think Rutgers could match them in terms of passion, but we’d by outnumbered by a million. It would be a 70,000 seat Superdome with like a sliver of red in one section and nowhere else. We have like 20 fans, they’re just really really loud. Luckily, we won’t ever have to deal with that problem because we’re not gonna get to the event in the first place. Go Knights!

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