Rutgers to play Wake Forest in Gator Bowl

RUTGERS FOOTBALL IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!! Just when you thought the season was dead, we rise from the ground like our lord and freaking savior. The Knights are set to replace Virginia Tech and will battle Wake Forest on New Year’s Eve in the Gator Bowl. I could not be more excited.

Now, to get negative for a second, this could be a terrible idea. The team hasn’t played together for a month, the defensive coordinator is gone, we were playing awful at the end of the season, and Wake is a low-key wagon. But do I still wanna see this? Absolutely.

Facts are facts. In just two seasons as head coach, Greg Schiano has managed to take Rutgers to a major bowl game. I don’t care how we got there, and that we were slightly disappointing this year, we’re playing in the game. And who knows, what if we win?

Don’t get me wrong, Wake’s a better offensive, defensive, and overall team, but we’ve got heart, man. What if they overlook us? I would if I were them. But lemme tell you, a fired-up Greg Schiano football team is not a team to be overlooked, and we might just win this game. Probably not, but we might. Glad to see the fellas playing again though.

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