Rutgers relegated to FCS!! North Dakota State moves up to Big 10!!!

Written by JohnnyB

I mean we are all thinking it. It’s not true, yet, but should it be? Should teams from the power 5 be relegated to the group of 5 then down to FCS if they aren’t making the cut.

I love how the relegation system works in European soccer. I know, I know it’s college sports not professional. Think about it though it gives the little guys a shot to move up and down through the ranks to contend. It also prevents teams like Rutgers, Vandy, Kansas from making power 5 conferences weaker.

So hell yeah I want NDSU in the Big Ten over Rutgers, and give me App St in the ACC or Eastern Washington in the PAC 12. This is the solution to the “well do they belong there” question. The top 5 group 5 teams move up and see if they can contend while the bottom moves down. It’s genius trust me.

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